Sony announces 20-inch, 11-pound VAIO tablet PC with Windows 8

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Every once in awhile, someone comes along and decides that the line between portable computer and massive screen needs to be smeared. During the Windows 8 device demonstrations we saw Steve Ballmer use the new OS on a screen the size of a wall, so it seems all too likely that someone would come along with a Windows 8 device packing a huge screen. This time Sony is stepping up to bat with the VAIO Tap 20 running Windows 8.

Sony’s new “tabletop PC” is designed so you can either stand it up and use it like and all-in-one PC, or lay it down and use it as a massive Windows 8 tablet. When you want to stand the PC up, a large kickstand slides out from the bezel to support the 11 pounds that make up the Tap 20.

The system is battery powered, so you can take your 20-inch tablet with you everywhere you go. Unfortunately, that battery is only good for about two hours. Once you get to where you are going, you can use the included wireless mouse and keyboard to continue using it like a normal PC.

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