Secure Work Space for Android and iOS arrives in BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10

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On Tuesday, BlackBerry announced the availability of Secure Work Space for Android and iOS in BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10. The tool, which was unveiled little over three months ago, is designed to provide a safer and BYOD-friendly environment with features like application-wrapping and containerization.

“It offers BlackBerry Balance-like capabilities to provide peace of mind for IT departments in a BYOD environment, while separating personal content for personal use”, according to the Canadian maker. BlackBerry’s reasons for beefing up the security of Android and iOS devices revolve around expanding needs and the “ever-growing variety of devices” brought into the work space.

Secure Work Space also features basic apps such as calendar, contacts, email client and HTML5-compatible browser and touts secure connectivity “into every level of the solution” with data in transit being routed through the BlackBerry Infrastructure. IT administrators will be able to configure, interact, secure and wipe Android and iOS devices (both smartphones and tablets) through Secure Work Space in BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10.

According to BlackBerry, Secure Work Space is supported by “important solution partners such as Box, and Splashtop”, which will launch compatible tools “in the near future”.

BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 is available as a 60-day trial which includes 50 EMM corporate CALs (Client Access Licenses) and 50 Secure Work Space CALs. A one-year CAL runs for $99 per device.

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