Microsoft unveils Surface pricing and first advert

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Windows 8 devices of every size and description have been cropping up all over. Microsoft, with the help of its partners, has prepared quite a hardware launch to go alongside the release of Windows 8. One device, which we’ve known about for some time, has lacked the most important component for deciding whether or not to buy it. It’s difficult to compare the other devices out there to the Microsoft Surface tablet PC, when we have no idea how much it will cost. Today, Microsoft has opened the pre-order page on their site and prepared the world for the release of the Surface RT.

Pricing for the 32GB Surface RT starts at $499 without the soft keyboard that is almost always shown with the device in promotional material. The Surface RT is priced the same as the 16GB iPad, though there’s currently no 16GB Surface RT to offer at a cheaper price point. The 32GB Surface RT with the Touch Cover comes in at $699, which is about the same price as the 32GB iPad with a good keyboard. The pricing here is only for the Surface RT, though the pre-order page makes it clear that orders will arrive on Oct 26.

The Touch Cover makes a $100 difference in pricing when ordering it with the device, but $119 if ordering it separately. The tactile Surface Type cover is $129, and there are no pre-made packages on the
Microsoft website that includes it as an option.

Microsoft has yet to make any statements regarding the pricing for Surface Pro devices, and there are no pre-order options for the Pro versions of Surface. Microsoft has also released the first Surface commercial, which focuses very heavily on how quick and easy it is to connect a Surface Cover to the device, and switch from having a tablet to having something that passes for a laptop. Check it out below:

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