Microsoft debuts Windows Embedded 8.1

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This is BUILD week — the annual Microsoft tech show, and it kicked off with Windows 8.1 beta rolling out to the public, in non-leaked form. Yesterday was not all, though, as today the company debuts the Embedded version of its updated operating system — the iteration intended to run in contained environments like ATM’s, cash registers and other business-related tools.

“Microsoft extended its Windows 8.1 technologies to intelligent system solutions with the Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry Release Preview. Developers, OEMs and enterprises can begin testing industry devices and solutions today” the company announces.

The release is not consumer-based, but is among the cores of Microsoft’s business strategy, and the main reason the company should not be left for dead. Embedded Windows brings the software giant many avenues of revenue that the average consumer fails to realize, even when using it.

“With Windows 8.1, we have focused strategy around ensuring our enterprise customers, partners, developers and entire ecosystem can fully harness the opportunities with Windows across a range of devices and service scenarios” says Keven Dallas, general manager of Windows Embedded at Microsoft.

The company promises enhancements that include UX updates, security, connectivity and others. In addition, Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry will extend flexibility and lockdown capabilities enabled by the Unified Write Filter, Keyboard Filter, USB Filter and Gesture Filter to try and ensure a better and more consistent device configuration.

The software promises to continue its release schedule alignment with Windows Server, which recently rolled out a preview of 2012 R2. Those interested can begin testing immediately to prepare for implementation upon launch.


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