Did Amazon leak the Xbox One release date?

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If nothing else, the latest gaming console forthcoming from Microsoft has received more than its fair share of attention, and plenty of it on the wrong side of what the company would hope for. There was controversy before official announcements even came, there was double-talk at the announcement and backtracking came later.

One thing Microsoft failed to announce was an official date for the release — though the company did confirm the dent that this console will put in the customer's wallet. $499 is certainly not cheap, but the device does come with Kinect, putting it close to a purchase of the PS4, if you add in Sony's similar technology, known as Eye.

Despite Microsoft's promise of "later this year", most of us likely expected the holiday shopping season. It turns out, if Amazon is correct, then the device will just make it, launching on the day before Thanksgiving in the United States — the traditional kickoff to the hectic shopping season. The online retailer has now added a detail to its pre-order page, stating that "this item will be released on November 27, 2013". The maker continues to use a vague "release date: November 2013" on its store.

Of course, this does not make it Microsoft-official, and I received no official comment, though likely because of the weekend, but I would think that with the shopping power behind Amazon, there is also a fair amount of respect that can be given to the claim. I will certainly find out, as I am one of those who pre-ordered, though my purchase was carried out through the Microsoft online store. This better arrive for Christmas morning! On the other hand, I have 5 months to figure a way to explain the $500 lightening of our checking account to my wife.


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