BitTorrent celebrates 25 million mobile downloads

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If I were a realist I would assume you use BitTorrent to download Game of Thrones episodes and other illegal media, but I am a trusting soul, and so I expect you use the protocol as a way of getting your hands on legitimate content — and there’s honestly plenty of it available. Heck, every Friday the company makes legal media available to users, such as these free concerts.

Now the developer announces that 25 million users are getting their torrents through the mobile app versions of BitTorrent and µTorrent.

“Another day, another mobile milestone. We’re stoked that 25 million of you are now getting your torrents to go. Guess this smartphone revolution thing that people are talking about is for real” reads the announcement.

BitTorrent also has new updates which include improved stability, performance and speed. In addition, it promises a new, central location for all of its µTorrent mobile apps. The new site will be located at, but it is not yet live.

BitTorrent concludes by saying “to all our mobile users: thank you times 25 million. If you’ve got app ideas or feedback, get in touch:”.

Now, of course it is up to you how you use the service, but BitTorrent does not want to know the answer to that question — it needs plausible denial. The rest is on you.

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