Amazon Kindle DX E-Reader Is Selling No More

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– Amazon Kindle DXWe expected the Paperwhite e-reader to replace its similar-size predecessor, but we didn’t really foresee the death of the significantly larger Kindle DX.

Amazon cut the price of the item last week, from $379 / 379 Euro to $299 / 299 Euro.

Some presumed this was a final move meant to exhaust the remaining inventory, and it appears they were right.

Amazon is no longer selling the item, and there is no mention of when it will be available again, which most likely means it won’t ever be.

Not all is lost though. While the device is no longer sold by Amazon, that doesn’t mean it is not available through Amazon.

People who want the large device, for its size and keyboard, can find it on sale from third-party merchants, though most listings, if not all, sell already used models.

We imagine that everyone else will gravitate towards the Kindle Fire HD tablets, the devices that apparently don’t earn Amazon any money directly.
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