Affordable SSD Line Released by ADATA

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Though solid-state drives with colossal performance levels are a good enough means to gain prestige, storage device makers have to make sure they don’t stay restricted to a narrow segment of the consumer base. ADATA has made a move proving it.

The company has formally introduced the Premier Pro SP600 series of SSDs, built with the JMicron JMF661 controller chip.

They feature the 2.5-inch form factor, which is actually common for devices based on NAND Flash data retention technology.

Also as common is the interface available for communication with whatever system the newcomers end up being installed in: SATA III.

Known, according to its bandwidth, as SATA 6.0 Gbps, the technology isn’t, unfortunately, fully exploited.

The top read speed that the Premier Pro SP600 series SSDs, as they are called, can attain is of 360 MB/s, while the greatest reading speed is 130 MB/s.

Quite a way off from the 550/500

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