23-Inch IPS Smart TV / Monitor Revealed by LG

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The problem with some products is that, even though they are interesting, they sometimes don’t become available in more than one country, the region where a company is based. LG might do something of the sort with the M2352J-PM.

M2352J-PM is the part number of a 23-inch display which LG made in such a way that it qualifies as both a smart TV and PC monitor.

The item isn’t shipping yet, but it might not be available anywhere but in Japan, when the company starts meeting orders later this month (October 2012).

Then again, the display has TV connectivity and subscriber access technologies local to Japan, so it makes sense that something like this would happen.

Speaking of which, the M2352J-PM, thanks to a 10/100 Mbps Ethernet port, can access a network and the Internet.

On that note, LG installed the Home Dashboard software on it, which has access to YouTube and e-mail accounts. Normal web surfing is available too, thanks to the included browser.

That’s it for the features that make it suited for use as an HDTV. The only things left to mention are the technical specifications.

We’ll start with the obvious: the native resolution of the 23-inch smart monitor is Full HD, or 1920 x 1080 pixels. Thanks to the presence of an IPS LCD, the viewing angles are very wide (178 degrees).

Additionally, the response time (GTG) is of 14ms, while the brightness is of 250 cd/m2. Not exactly majestic, but sufficient for most scenarios.

Furthermore, the M2352J-PM features three HDMI inputs, a D-Sub connector (VGA), audio ports, two TV cable jacks, a couple of USB ports, a B-CAS card and DLNA-enabled Wi-Fi Direct (WiDi). Thus, it should be possible to connect the display to a PC, or WiDi-enabled media player / set-top box without using any cables.

Sadly, LG did not say what price it expected prospective buyers to meet.
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